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Truffle Cake with Ferrerro Rocher

AED 189.00
Description Your Gift Contains :
  • 1 Kg Truffle Cake with Ferrerro Rocher
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Red Velvet Cake

AED 94.00
Your Gift Include : Red velvet Cake 1/2 Kg  
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1/2 Kg Chocolate Truffle Cake – Cakes Dubai

AED 105.00
Chocolate Truffle Cake 1/2  Kg (4 Portion)  
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Choco Vanilla Cake -Birthday Cake Dubai

AED 229.00
Your Gift Include :
  • Cake Flavor- Chocolate & Vanilla
  • Type of Cake - Cream
  • Weight- 1 Kg
  • Shape - Round
  • Decorated with a Freshly Picked Blueberries & Blackberries
  • Topped with dark chocolate sauce & broken pieces of Kinder chocolate
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Caramel Cheese Cake With Single Rose

AED 139.00 AED 119.00
Your Gift Includes : • 1 Red  Rose With  Wrapping & Ribbon • 1/2  Kg Caramel Cheese Cake
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1 Kg Vanilla Cake With Single Rose

AED 175.00
Your Gift Includes : • 1 Red  Rose With  Wrapping & Ribbon • 1  Kg Vanilla Cake
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Pink & Red Mix With Red Velvet

AED 179.00
Your Gift Includes : •3 Red Roses &  3 Pink Roses With Wrapping & Ribbon • 1/2 Kg  Red Velvet Cake
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Vanila Cake With Single Rose

AED 119.00
Your Gift Includes : • 1 Red  Rose With  Wrapping & Ribbon • 1/2  Kg Vanila Cake
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Chocolate Fudge Cake -Birthday Cake Dubai

AED 89.00
Your Gift Include : Chocolate Fudge Cake 1/2 Kg .This Will be  available in different Variations  Like  1 kg, 1.5 kg . 2 Kg Etc
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Happy Smile Combo

AED 189.00
Your Gift Includes : • 8 Red Roses With Wrapping &  Ribbon
  • Fillers
• 1/2  Kg Chocolate Fudge Cake
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Caramel Cheese Cake

AED 89.00
Your Gift Include : 1/2 Kg Caramel Cheese Cake  
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4 Portion Photo Cake

AED 109.00
Product Description: Highlights: Cake Flavour: Chocolate Type of Cake: Photo Minimum Weight: 1/2 kg Type of Bread: Chocolate Type of
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Birthday Cake Delivery In Dubai – Find The Best Cake To Be Delivered At Perfect Time

The cake is generally the most delicious form of sweet which can fill any event with magic. Especially, a birthday is something which is the most important day in a person’s life. When it comes to the celebration of a birthday, age hardly matters. A birthday celebration is not only for just another year passed but it is a way of thanksgiving to celebrate the journey of life so far. Thus, the important element of this celebration will be the birthday cake. Whether it is a boy or girl, you can choose the cake based on their wish and get it delivered on time with the birthday cake delivery in Dubai.

The cake also holds an important place in the heart of the person who celebrates their birthday and the guests. Hence it is important to choose the best cake for the celebration which will be yummy and appealing to look. At Carmel Flowers, you can get such a delicious and fresh cake for the party to make the day extra special. Our cakes will be in such a way that the guests will enjoy the taste of the cake and will eventually remember the event as well.

Birthday cake delivery in Dubai – The best way to send wishes and love:

Can you ever imagine a birthday party without a cake? The answer will be always “No”. But now in this busy world, visiting the cake shop and ordering the cake has become one of the difficult tasks. Especially if you are far away from your loved ones, then you might not be able to buy the cake for them.  But nowadays you can use this birthday cake delivery in Dubai services to deliver the delicious cake on time and make the day extra special even if you are not near them.

But make sure you choose the right cake for the celebration based on the individual’s preference. At Carmel Flowers, the experts will prepare a beautiful and tasty cake for the event and get it delivered on time to the place as per your order to make the day extra special. By using this online cake delivery service, you can make your loved one feel that you still remember them during this special day even if you are not with them.

With the birthday cake delivery in Dubai, you can also be the reason for your loved one’s smile and happiness. The birthday cake sent by you will make them feel that you are closer to them even during your absence. This will also brighten up their day and cause joy for everyone. Thus, don’t miss a chance to express your love to your special ones on their birthday with this cake delivery services.