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Romantic Heart

AED 859.00 AED 759.00
Heart Shape Arrangement Of 75 Red Roses
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Fall In Dream

AED 650.00 AED 449.00
50 Red Roses White Ribbon Red Wrapping
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Rose Heart

AED 375.00 AED 299.00


Product Details:
  • 25 Red Roses in Heart Shape
  • Fillers-
  • Wrapped in Black Fabric
  • Tied with  Ribbon
Rose Flower Trivia:
  • The famous Cleopatra of Egypt was believed to have covered the floor of her palace room with roses before Mark Antony visited her.
  • Red Roses are perfect expressions of love and romance since ancient times!
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15Red Roses with Gypso & Wrapping

AED 189.00
Product Details:
  • 15 Red   Roses
  • Fillers-GypsoPhila
  • Leaves
  • Wrapping
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Steps To Happiness

AED 739.00 AED 599.00
50 Red Roses In 2 Tier Black Papper Packing
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AED 299.00 AED 199.00
Product Details:
  • 15Red Roses
  • 3 Baby Rose
  • Gypsophila
  • Fillers-
  • Wrapped with Black Color Fabric
  Red Roses are perfect expressions of love and romance since ancient times! While everyone knows that red roses stand for true love & passion, they also signify respect & appreciation.
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Golden Red Bouquet

AED 699.00 AED 569.00
Product Description:
  • 50 Red Roses
  • Black Wrapping
The power of red roses can be seen since the time of Greeks and Romans. Red roses are strongly associated with the innocence, love, care and affection. It can fill your heart and mind with utmost joy and happiness. Everyone loves floral gifts. A red rose can appeal you more than anything. The shining petals and essence of the roses can mesmerize the receiver. It is a wonderful arrangement of 50 red roses wrapped elegantly in Black paper packing and adorned with a ribbon bow. The enchanting fragrance of these roses would provide a sensory pleasure to the receiver. It is an ideal gift for every occasion. Send this exotic bunch of 100 red roses to express your heart-melting feelings to the person who mean the world to you.
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Sparkling Bouquet

AED 379.00
Bouquet of 30 Red Roses & 1 I LOVE YOU balloon. Black Wrapping
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AED 239.00
  • 20 Red Roses
  • Fillers- 2 Stems Eucalyptus Leaves
  • Wrapped in Brown Paper
  • Tied with Brown  Ribbon
  During the Roman period, roses were grown extensively in the Middle East. They were used as confetti at celebrations, for medicinal purposes, and as a source of perfume.
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All in Red

AED 149.00 AED 129.00
Product Details:
  • 10 Red Roses
  • Fillers- Single Ruscus
  • Wrapped with Red  Color Fabric
  While everyone knows that red roses stand for true love & passion, they also signify respect & appreciation.
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100 Roses Hand Bunch

AED 1,099.00 AED 789.00
The Gift Includes 100 Red Roses Bunch with nicely wrapped.
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Lush of Love

AED 269.00 AED 219.00
Your Gift Contains:
  • Basket Arrangement of 18 red roses in Heart Shape
  • 16 Pcs Ferrerro Rocher
Flowers are the most gifted items in the world. We  keep on defining and redefining various presentations of flowers. Here the Heart Shape  basket arrangement of 18  red roses along with 16 Pcs Ferrerro Rocher In the middle is presented for your gifting needs. Your darling would be more than happy with this charming beauty.
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Roses Delivery In Dubai, UAE – Say Your Love With A Bouquet Of Roses

There is nothing more classic and romantic than buying the beautiful bouquet roses for your loved ones. Whatever may be the occasion, roses are the best way always to celebrate. But do you know how roses become more significant? The red roses are well-known with the ancient Greek and Roman mythology. During this time, it is said that the roses are often associated with the goddesses of love. In most of the cultures, rose is used to represent the symbol of love. That is why nowadays people choose the best roses delivery in Dubai, UAE to express their love towards their special ones.

Roses became very popular since it frequently appeared in many forms of art like poetry, literature, films and so on. Also, it is believed that different colour roses symbolize different feelings. Even though there are different species of roses, we at Carmel Flowers use only high-quality flowers to make a beautiful bouquet for your loved ones.

Roses delivery in Dubai, UAE – The latest trend in online flower delivery services:

If you are stuck away from your loved ones and wish to add some shine to their life, then the roses delivery in Dubai, UAE is a great place to start. At Carmel Flowers, our florists arrange the roses in such a way that it will spread cheers to those who receive it. No matter whatever may the reason, know that roses are the sure-flowers which will make the people feel better and happy. Since there are different colours of roses available you can either pick the one based on your loved ones wish or based on the occasion.

  1. White roses – This rose is the representation of the new beginning and symbolizes everlasting love. The white rose also represent purity, youthfulness, loyalty and innocence. These roses are seen as the bridal roses for a long time.


  1. Red roses – Probably the most popular and well-known roses are the red roses. They symbolize the true love, desire and passion towards someone. Also, the red roses are the perfect way to say “I love you” to your desired one.


  1. Orange roses – The orange roses stand for the desire, energy, excitement, admiration towards someone. They are also the best way to say “I am very proud of you”.


  1. Yellow roses- These are the bright and cheerful roses which symbolize positivity, warmth, delight and care. You can send these yellow roses to say “welcome back or good luck”.


  1. Pink roses – The pink roses are used for the celebration, joy, gratitude and grace. You can send the pink roses to enjoy any occasion.


Thus, roses are a beautiful and meaningful way to convey your feelings. We at Carmel Flowers provide the best roses delivery in Dubai, UAE services to convey your emotions and feelings to the ones who matter a lot for you.