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4 Portion Photo Cake

99.00 AED
Product Description: Highlights: Cake Flavour: Chocolate Type of Cake: Photo Minimum Weight: 1/2 kg Type of Bread: Chocolate Type of
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Caramel Cheese Cake With Single Rose

119.00 AED
Your Gift Includes : • 1 Red  Rose With  Wrapping & Ribbon • 1/2  Kg Caramel Cheese Cake
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Vanila Cake With Single Rose

119.00 AED
Your Gift Includes : • 1 Red  Rose With  Wrapping & Ribbon • 1/2  Kg Vanila Cake
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Butter Scotch Cake

90.00 AED240.00 AED
This cake will help you to make the occasion special and worth remembering. This unique type of cake will make a special place in your loved one's heart.

Mango Cake

89.00 AED
Product Details:
  • 4 Portion Mango Cake
  • Allergy Info- Lactose, Gluten, & Egg.
  • Ingredients- Chocolate premix, egg, oil, chocolate callets, gelatin, vanilla sponge, cream cheese, sugar icing, puree mango, butter, fresh red currant, blueberry fresh, & dark chocolate.
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Honey Cake

169.00 AED
Velvet cake is thought to originate in the Victorian era. During that era velvet cake was served as a fancy dessert. The term "velvet" was a description used to let consumers know the dessert was a soft and velvety crumb cake. During that same time devil's food cake was introduced, which is how some believe that red velvet cake came about. The difference between the two cakes is that devil's food cake uses chocolate and red velvet cake uses cocoa.
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Personalized Combo with Flowers

119.00 AED
Your Gift Includes : • Personalized Photo Mug • 4 Red Roses
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12 Mixed Roses Bouquet

119.00 AED
Product Details:
  • 4 White Roses
  • 4 Orange Roses
  • 4 Yellow Roses
  • Fillers-
  • Wrapping
  • Ribbon
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Vanilla cake

129.00 AED
Vanilla cake 1 Kg
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Vanilla Rainbow cake

159.00 AED
Vanilla Rainbow cake 1 Kg
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Tripple Chocolate Cake

159.00 AED
Tripple Chocolate Cake 1 Kg
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1/2 Kg Vanilla Cake With 5 Yellow Roses

149.00 AED
Your Gift Includes : • 5 Yellow   Rose With  Wrapping & Ribbon • 1/2  Kg Vanilla Cake
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Say “Happy Father’ Day” To Your Dad With Father’s Day Gift Delivery In Dubai, UAE

Father is the epitome of discipline and kindness in the family. Father is the superhero for their children. Usually, we may not know about the sacrifices every father makes to keep the family happy. Father usually do everything for the happiness and comfort of their sons and daughters. Dad is our hero who works all the time in their whole life to provide a comfortable lifestyle to the family without expecting and demanding anything from others.

Father’s usually find it difficult to express their love and affection to the family. But you can express your emotions to your father during Father’s Day by using the Father’s Day gift delivery in Dubai, UAE services. Dad truly deserves gratitude from you. Beautiful and refreshing flowers combined with cake will help you to show your respect, love and care for your father. Make this Father’s Day special with the special bouquet and cake from Carmel Flowers.

Make your father feel special with Father’s Day gift delivery in Dubai, UAE services:

Fathers are reasonably easy to please. A father usually deserves a lot but a simple gift on Father’s Day will make them feel special and lovable. For him using the Father’s Day gift delivery in Dubai, UAE services are the best option since you can present wonderful fresh flowers to them. He would certainly fall in love with the fresh and beautiful flowers along with the celebration cake. Apart from the several gifting options in online gifts for father, Carmel Flowers is the best platform to serve all you need.

Our floral shop offers you great inspiration for unique gift ideas for your father. There are many occasions on which you can make him feel special but Father’s Day is something which can’t miss since it is a very special day for him. You can take your time for selecting the gift for the best man of your life but make sure you find the perfect gift which will make him happy instantly.

The flower bouquet available in our site will be decorated in such a way that it will express your affection and feelings to your dad. Even if you are far away from your dad you can send flowers and cake to him during Father’s Day so that you can express your love and gratitude towards him. This will also be a beautiful surprise and bring a smile on your dad’s face.

It is always worth to understand that even fathers deserve to be pampered with our love and affection. Hence pick the best gift online at Carmel Flowers and get it delivered to your dad easily through Father’s Day gift delivery in Dubai, UAE services to make the occasion meaningful and memorable.