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Heart Shape Chocolate Photo Cake

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235.00 AED
This cake will help you to make the occasion special and worth remembering. Baked with chocolaty bread, vanilla extracts covered in freshly whipped chocolate cream & topped with cherries. You can customize this cake by adding loved one’s or your photo on it. This unique type of cake will make a special place in your loved one's heart.
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Red Heart Cake

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219.00 AED
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  • 1 Kg Heart shape Red Velvet Cake
Velvet cake is thought to originate in the Victorian era. During that era velvet cake was served as a fancy dessert. The term “velvet” was a description used to let consumers know the dessert was a soft and velvety crumb cake. During that same time devil’s food cake was introduced, which is how some believe that red velvet cake came about. The difference between the two cakes is that devil’s food cake uses chocolate and red velvet cake uses cocoa.
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